Improving Patient and Caregiver Engagement Through the Application of Data Science Methods to Audio Recorded Clinic Visits Stored in Personal Health Libraries


This four-year project is being co-led by PIs Dr. Paul Barr and Dr. Saeed Hassanpour at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College and supported through a $1.4 million R01 Award from the National Library of Medicine.

When patients receive a clinic recording, 71% listen and 68% share it with a caregiver, resulting in improved understanding and self-management. Yet, unstructured recordings are difficult to navigate. Personal health libraries (PHLs) may help patients organize health information; yet current PHLs do not facilitate clinic-recordings.

The proposed research will integrate audio-recordings of clinic visits into a Personal Health Library (Audio-PaHL), using data science methods to link medical terms from the recording to trustworthy patient resources, which can be retrieved, organized, edited and shared by patients. The specific aims are:

  1. Identify health information seeking needs and strategies of older adults with multimorbidity and caregivers.

  2. Develop an Audio-PaHL using data science methods to securely analyze clinic visit recordings and make this information accessible and understandable for patients.

  3. Demonstrate the usability and use of an Audio-PaHL in older adults with multimorbidity and caregivers.

It is expected that the Audio-PaHL will be easy to use and highly utilized, making patients and caregivers more knowledgeable and confident of their health care needs, resulting in greater self-management capabilities.



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